Dienstag, 2. März 2021

First International Online Koenigrufen Tournament

This February, the First International Online Koenigrufen Tournament took place on Online Card Games. 41 players of three continents and five different time zones came together to have a lot of fun and fight for the titles "Intercontinental Champion" and "Best of the rest of the world"! The tournament was initiated and co-organised by Mike Hawkins from England and saw players from Tirol, England, the USA and Australia. It was a real highlight and we had a good time together.

For this tournament the Skoty rules were chosen, which allows me to say that my Skoty rules now are played internationally and worldwide. And since the Skoty rules include the announcement of Tarock V, which is called Geier (German for vulture) and enthusiastically played by my English friends, we gave this tournament the nickname Geier-Rally. The mode was three rounds with 20 games each. The rounds were played independently all over February. And we used different kinds of video apps, so we were able to see and hear each other and have a lot of fun together. 

At the end it was a Tyrolean player who was able to succeed. Harald from Ampass/Tyrol now can call himself an International champion. He won with an impressive 317 points. Second and "Best of the rest of the world" was John from London with 287 points. Third was Georg from Innsbruck with 241 points. I would like to congratulate you on your success and the entry in the Hall of Fame of my website. There you also can find all results and details (see www.tarock.tirol).

Thanks to Mike for hosting this tournament and thanks to Joe Elleson for his marvellous programme. Without his app this very successful event would not have been possible. Last but not least thank you all for taking part in this game. I did enjoy it very much.

For further information and upcoming events please stay tuned on www.tarock.tirol!

PS: The Australian participant Aaron Richard has made a youTube tutorial about Koenigrufen and one about French Tarot. Further tutorials are to come on his youTube channel. You might be interested to have a look (see https://youtu.be/ty9WGwvuuhs).


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